Fatty Acid

Fatty acid, Soapstock and Acid oil which are a by-product in vegetable oil refining

For the refining of crude vegetable oils there are two main routes, the chemical and the physical refining. Some by-products of low commercial value are obtained from these refining processes. Important amounts of by-products such as soapstocks (SS), deodorizer fatty acid distillates (FAD) and acid oil (AO) are produced from the oil refining processes.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acid are one of the most well-known
Fatty acid contains a mixture of palmatic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid & linoleneic acid, These are mixture of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid with variable percentage and depending upon this percentage iodine value of the mixed fatty acid is decided.

Fatty acid is useed for food and nutrition applications & in oleochemical industry (pharmaceutical and food industries) and for producing soaps, detergents, personal care products, lubricants, paints and biodiesel.


In the refining of crude edible oils the free fatty acids are removed by agitation with alkali. The fatty acids settle to the bottom as alkali soaps and are known as soapstock or ‘foots’, soapstock could be used to manufacture soap directly or laundry detergent and paints and coatings.

Acid Oil Water

Acid oil that is basically a by-product while refining crude Edible oil. During the refining process we get soap stock on which sulphuric treatment is performed which then converts soap stock into acid oil. This acid oil is widely used in the production of soaps and detergents and It enters into industry of bio diesel.